Well aware of its solid reputation among foodies in the know, Cuca is ready to once again take the island by storm with a new series of dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Of course the big challenge with any venture, especially in the hospitality industry, is to keep the fresh ideas coming and to embrace progression. The key to Cuca’s ongoing success has undoubtedly been travel, especially in this most recent update that includes re-interpreted classics drawing inspiration from around the world and bringing it home to Asia.

From travels through Italy, Chef Kevin Cherkas brings two new tapas: the Hawaiian Cracker, a take on the legendary pizza but with a wafer-thin multi seed cracker that shatters like glass when broken apart, and the Ricotta Gnocchi, the culmination of 3 months of recipe testing that came to an end with these soft pillowy mouthfuls of tender silky fresh cheese.

A close by trip to a market in Toraja, led Kevin to the discovery of the native wild fruit keluak. Obsessed with its pure umami flavor, this is what he came up with: a Spanish style croquette made of slow cooked vegetables with smoked potatoes and stained with the unmistakable spell of keluak. Hiding between raw new potatoes, the dish becomes a game of which is meant to be eaten. The name: Hot Potato.

Finally, from their most recent gastronomic trip to Mexico, Cuca proudly presents Bali Soft Tacos. “We decided to make the most delicious taco entirely vegan and have no one know that those charred strings of moist tender meat are actually slow braised onions and mushrooms” – confesses a very excited Kevin. “We crafted a super unique tortilla from organic local brown rice and created a crunchy topping from grilled fresh coconuts. Bali now has Tacos!”

These among other spellbinding additions will shine along the already classic Crispy Fried Chicken, BBQ Octopus or Bali Breakfast and will surely contribute to keep everyone talking. Whether it’s a taste of the future or a blast from the past, Cuca continues to challenge and delight diners from all over the world. Take a trip into a one-of-a-kind dining experience and see for yourself why Cuca is ranked in the top ten restaurants in Asia.